Training and Workshops

Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC can facilitate and deliver a variety of workshops and training sessions with a focus on Early Childhood Programs and staff professional development. Training can be designed and adapted to meet the unique needs of ECD program staff, teams, parent groups, community and organizational leaders. We have expertise and experience in the following training topics.

For more information about all these learning opportunities, please call or email the Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia at:

Telephone: 250.858.4543
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Aboriginal Head Start Leadership Administration and Management

Learning Objectives
The learning outcome for the AHS-LAM Training Program is that participants will develop and grow in their leadership and administrative positions in Aboriginal Head Start. The AHS-LAM Training Program has incorporated Aboriginal Head Start principles and guidelines into the core training and experiences.

AHS LAM Module Topics
The following topics are addressed in the AHS-LAM Training Program:

1) Leadership in AHS
2) Administration in AHS
3) Human Resources in AHS
4) Financial Management in AHS
5) Family, Board and Community Relations in AHS

Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Programs

Using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-R) we visit, observe and report back on program quality and provide recommendations for growth and improvements. When offering recommendations and reflective feedback, attention is paid to program location, community, territories, culture and language of the community and program. Through this process, staff and program leadership learn about the ECERS Assessment Tool and how to utilize the Scales for future program assessment planning and quality reviews.

Conference Planning and Facilitation

Over the past 10 years, AHSABC has planned, organized, and facilitated over 20 provincial training events geared towards the Aboriginal Head Start population of educators, parents and elders. Our ability to design and plan training events that meet the unique group needs and characteristics has received positive results and evaluations from participants.

Each training event is reflective of the traditional territories and honours the customs and protocols where the training is hosted and of the participants attending. Care of participants and attention to their comfort, enjoyment and learning needs and styles are primary to our planning.

AHSABC can be contracted to assist with or lead conference and training events, planning and facilitation. For more information on this service, contact our office directly to discuss your training needs.

Development of Resources

AHSABC has developed quality resources and training tools that support Aboriginal Early Childhood programs and services. These resources have been developed based on community and program needs and interests. Visit our 'Resources' page at to see examples of our provincial and national resource projects.

AHSABC can be contracted to assist with and or lead the development of resources for Aboriginal Early Childhood programs and people.

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