Qwallayuw AHS

Who Are We?
Campbell River Aboriginal Head Start opened in September 1996, with Laichwiltach Family Life Society as our Host Agency.

The name for our centre, Qwallayuw, means "my reason for living."

We are very proud of our culture and language component. Our two wonderful Elders, Sophie and Dorothy, teach Kwakwala to our children. Maylene is knowledgeable about native dancing, and teaches the children many dances. The children are in clans, such as wolf, eagle, raven, and bear.

We have changed our afternoon program, so that every day from 12:30 to 2:30 we have centres and each day the group activities change. The centres are circle, science, art, culture, cooking, gym, playground, walk, computers, or literacy with the Kindergarten Teacher. We find it enhances the children's attention span and creativity to offer smaller groups and age appropriate choices.

Head Start has changed our lives through a strong belief in the six components. We are happy to offer support by building language, culture and self-esteem in our children and families.

441-4th Ave.
Campbell River, BC V9W 2T7
telephone: 250-286-3044